Benefits and advantages of stabilized green - Moss trend

Benefits and advantages

What is stabilization?

In order to understand the natural benefits of our stabilized green, it is very important to understand what stabilisation is.

Stabilization is an innovative technique that allows the plant to maintain its original appearance for several years, without any maintenance or care.

All our products are handmade in Tuscany, with high quality materials.

Moss Trend carefully selects the best Nordic lichens and foliage. Moss Trend submits the products to a particular process of lymph replacement with a new natural substance that, as explained above, ensures the aesthetic appearance, the softness and the intrinsic natural benefits of the plant.

Benefits to your health

The main benefit arising from the integration of one or more natural element in the living or working environment is surely linked to health and well-being.

The benefits that nature has on people are clear and scientifically proven; living in enclosed and aseptic environments has an extremely harmful effect on us.

Some of many negative aspects living (or working) in a harmful environment are: difficulty in concentration, irritability, fatigue, anxiety and stress.

The integration of natural elements completely changes the meaning of the surrounding environment with a concrete economic advantage on people’s health.



A further concrete benefit arising from the use of our vertical gardens or furniture elements, 100% natural with no maintenance, is the reduction of environmental noise.
Moss Trend products are designed to effectively lower and reduce environmental noise.
This property is guaranteed by the analytical certificate of the laboratory Zetalab Italia:
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The sound absorbing function is extremely important for all those environments with high reverberation values, such as restaurants, shopping malls, offices or crowded areas. Our products ensure a more comfortable environment contributing to people’s relax and well-being, in a passive and steady way.
You will have an aesthetic but also functional advantage.