Green Logo

Decorate your interior with style.


The moss can make your green logo original, unique and more readable. The vivid shades of moss make the logo not only a visual element of your brand but also a piece of furniture and attractive decoration. The main purpose of the logo is to be immediately recognizable, so that customers can identify the company. Green Logos are a great way to highlight the green image of a company or the green strategy of it.

The logo realized with moss improves the visual representation of the logo. We can create logos of every shape, color and size according to customer requirements and the significance of the logo. Besides that a green logo is also just pretty.

A green logo with moss is not just a visually stunning green product but best of all it requires no maintenance. It is perfectly suited to indoor applications.

Why to use a green logo?
– Maximum flexibility
– Possibility of personalization
– 100% Stabilized natural lichen
– Stabilized with non-toxic substances
– Harvest without damage to the vegetation
– No maintenance
– It does not need light
– It does not grow, not to prune and should not be watered
– No bacterial load
– Long lasting
– Has no electrostatic charge
– Fireproof product
– No fees over time

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