Green Moss Wall

The perfect green wall


We can create Green Moss Wall that can preserve its beauty over time remaining soft and fluffy even with the passing years. We can help you to maintain a connection with nature, which in today’s chaotic digital life is very important. You can have outdoor beauty within the heart of your indoor space.

Moss trend uses an ecological system for the stabilization of the plant used for the creation of Green Moss Wall that does not need any care or maintenance.

Thanks to years of experimentation with innovative products, we can create Green Moss Wall specifically for indoor use. The green walls are the perfect solutions for those who want to have a touch of nature, personality and refinement in their home, office or business.

We can design infinite compositions of every shape and color according to specific customer requirements. Your walls will have a new twist: simple and forever green. Another important thing: your Green Moss Wall can be perfectly unique.

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