Green wall with moss

For an organic wall


The green wall with moss that MGF offers exploit Moss Trend, the new technique of moss in design.

Moss Trend is the last frontier in the field of Interior Design and Moss Trend line of MGF is entirely dedicated to this trendy technique. Moss is a particular type of lichen that grows in the tundra, on the pastures of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

This type of Moss is the favorite food of the reindeers, this is the reason why it is also known as Reindeer Moss: Reindeer’s Lichen. For the application of moss in design, which in nature is colorless, it is dried according to a precise technique that stabilizes it and colors it with natural pigments. The stabilization ensures that the lichen retains all the properties it enjoyed in the wild without any maintenance.

Bright colors, pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch: perfect for making green wall with moss. The moss is usually used to coat surfaces of furniture and decorative indoor and has wide range of use: from the house to the bar, office and restaurant.

Being surrounded by green wall with moss relaxes the mind and gives inner peace, especially in a work environment or in the heart of a city full of concrete walls and with few vegetables and little green areas.

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