Maintenance Free Living Wall

Do you want to give a green touch to your walls? You can do this thanks to Moss Trend!


The Maintenance Free Living Wall are created with the new technique, that of Moss in Design.

Moss is the latest frontier in the Interior Design field and Moss Trend is entirely devoted to this trend of technology. It’s about the processing of Moss, a particular type of Lichen growing in the tundra, on the pastures of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

This kind of Northern Nordic Moss is preferred by Rennes in their feeding to pasture, and for this reason is also referred to as Reindeer Moss: Lichen of the Deers. For application in Moss Design, moss, which is naturally uncolored, is dried according to a precise technique that stabilizes and colors it with natural pigments. Stabilization causes the lichen to retain all the properties it enjoys in nature without any maintenance.

Brilliant colors, pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch: perfect for decorating your walls and making your Maintenance Free Living Wall!
In fact, Moss is usually used to cover decorative interiors and interior decorations, and has a wide range of uses: from home to room, shop window, office, and restaurant.

Being surrounded by Maintenance Free Living Wall relaxes the mind and infuses inner peace, especially in a working environment or in the heart of a city full of concrete walls and with few plants and scarce green areas.
Give your living room a “bio” and natural look with the Maintenance Free Living Wall!

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