Moss wall with Moss Trend

The interior design innovation comes to your space.


Moss Trend can realize for you moss wall with excellent quality. The moss that we use is a natural northern moss dried and stabilized. The Moss, in nature, does not have a specific color but it can be pigmented with bright and vibrant colors so you can make your moss wall even more unique.

After being stabilized this natural lichen requires no special type of care or maintenance. It needs neither lighting or irrigation. The sheen and softness to the touch is so perfectly maintained that it almost seems the plants are still growing on your moss wall.

For a stylish and innovative atmosphere, for making your home unique and fashionable, you have only to ask: the installation of moss wall is quick and easy. It can be implemented not just in large areas: you can also buy a painting in moss or lichen, or forms and templates with low cost and that can be easily shipped by courier.

It is not suitable only for the house: the moss wall is the solution to differentiate commercial and private environments reserved to the hospitality: to adorn the lobby of a hotel, the wall of a restaurant or for the waiting room of an office choose a wall in moss, a moss wall. You will be able to have always neat and tidy green walls but without having to devote the care and precautions required by traditional herbal walls.

We can ensure that your moss wall will be not just a plant wall but also a true work of art. We decorate walls and furniture with creativity and originality. Your moss wall will have a customizable composition and emotional impact due to the versatility of its forms, its colors and its sizes.

In addition to moss walls the moss technique is also used for vegetable paintings, shop windows, flat surfaces, decorative elements for restaurants, shops and workplaces.

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