Moss walls

Reindeer moss for a unique feeling


Moss Trend represents the new frontier in the interior design. Moss is used as an element of furniture and decoration of interior. We can realize moss walls in different colors and thanks to the versatility of moss all the environments will be unique. Moss has reinterpreted and revolutionized the green for indoors.

Moss walls are beautiful decoration for homes, offices, restaurants, bars and hotels. There is nothing more enjoyable the working or relaxing in a space with moss walls.

Moss does not represents only a beautiful design element. Moss walls are 100% natural and maintenance free. It does not require direct sunlight or artificial light. It even doesn’t require watering or fertilization. It only does require a room with natural levels of humidity.

The moss walls have an ideal structure for absorbing acoustics. Furthermore moss is a fireproof, a perfectly safe material that thanks to its anti-static treatment can keep away dust. Another important fact is that moss is made from eco-friendly material. This mean that there aren’t used toxic hazardous chemicals. Moss is non-allergenic.

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