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Parete verde mozzafiato in cucina

Imagine stepping into the kitchen full of tropical vibe, greenery or beautifull hydrangea flowers. What a nice way to start a day. You can create such space by designing your very own preserved plants and moss wall.

Moss Trend allows to customise the wall to your own needs. Green walls add drama and color to any interior. This kitchen in a newly designed home in Italy is a breathtaking project made by MODO architettura + design. The Jungle Moss wall used in the interior adds an exceptional character to the kitchen and makes it look original and stylish. Greenery does not require care, that’s why the family can spend more time on their own pleasures.

Take advantage of your kitchen’s humidity. Moss Trend’s plants lives thanks to it, remaining vivid green for many, many years. You can choose whether you want a Jungle Moss wall full of various stabilized plants or a more delicate look made of preserved Reindeer Moss. Moss can be also a plant wall divider between rooms. Stabilized greenery in a creative way will separate the kitchen space from the dining or living room. It will reduce the noises and will be a beautifull focal point in a dining room.