We customize the interiors with originality and class thanks to Preserved Moss


The Preserved Moss is one of the latest innovations in the field of interior furnishing. The name, in itself, tells you what it is: the art of using the Moss – a stabilized natural moss that grows wild in Scandinavia- to realize indoor green areas.

Why to use Preserved Moss for interior design? Moss, commonly called Reindeermoss “reindeer lichen”, allows you to recreate green areas that do not require care and maintenance. The walls with Preserved Moss do not need specific irrigation or special lighting. Furthermore, the Preserved Moss, although present in nature in a neutral color, thanks to the addition of neutral pigments can be combined in its different variations of colors. This allows interior designers and decorators to use this Moss without limits. Your use of the Moss is recommended in wet areas, the moisture keeps the softness and luster of the Preserved Moss, and far from direct heat sources. These are the only concerns about keeping the Moss.

Through the use of the Preserved Moss, is finally possible to have the Green Indoor without problems arising from the management of plants and hanging gardens. Thanks to the versatility of Moss in design and our experience in the field we can give life to plant and angles green walls, that are original, unique and with a incredible visual impact.

Do you want to make more realistic and natural your environment? Do you want to beautify the lobby of your hotel or the waiting room of your office with preserved moss? Fill the contact form or call us at +39 0571-932164 if you need more information about Preserved Moss.

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