Preserved Moss Wall



Looking for a new solution for the interior decoration of your home?

Moss Trend represents the last frontier in this field with its Preserved Moss Wall solutions: a moss that typically covers the pastures of the Scandinavian peninsula which, after being dried and colored with natural pigments, is used as a decorative element and interior decoration.

Why do we make Preserved Moss Wall? The Moss, natural stabilized lichen, also called reindeermoss or “reindeer lichens”, does not need maintenance, or special irrigation or lighting systems, so it is ideal for recreating green walls for the interior that don’t need any care or special maintenance, perfect for those who love indoor green but do not have much time to spend with.

Do you want to make your house or your office more realistic and natural? Do you want to embellish your shop window, your hotel hall, or your office’s look? Use Moss in Design: a technique that reinterprets and revolutionizes green for indoor use. You can realize your Preserved Moss Wall in different color variations and thanks to the versatility of Moss all environments will be unique and sought after.

Why to choose the Preserved Moss Wall for interior design?

the moss does not require any care or maintenance
keeps its freshness and softness longer in time
the ability to customize colors and shapes according to individual tastes

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