Preserved Vertical Garden

Preserved Vertical Garden with Moss: gives a lot of vivacity to your space!


Natural Moss Lichen is a new product for the architecture and interior design ideal for Preserved Vertical Garden.

Moss is a dried and preserved natural lichen from Scandinavia that does not require water, light or irrigation. It’s a new way of introducing nature into indoor environments, without worrying about daily maintenance.

Preserved Vertical Garden available in different shapes and colors add a modern design dimension to indoor environments.

In contrast to artificial plants, Moss Preserved Vertical Garden are not electrostatic, so dust does not adhere. It is advisable to dust occasionally with a hairdryer.

A revolutionary product that represents a new frontier for indoor green, without limit to creativity.

Preserved Vertical Garden can be built into homes, commercial spaces, offices, hotels and restaurants.

With the versatility of Moss, our company can produce design elements of remarkable visual impact, such as Preserved Vertical Garden.

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