The Mossgreen

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Very soft Cladonia Stellaris (reindeer lichen) of the Scandinavian taiga,

carefully selected to create real works of art, certified sound-absorbing.

All handmade in Tuscany

  • Balck
  • White
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Lichen has always been a symbol of life and freshness, it grows spontaneously even in the most extreme conditions, also adapting to indoor environments. This is why it is an excellent material for the construction of green walls and vertical gardens. Our collection of paintings with stabilized natural Lichen, available in two different colors of green (Lime and Musk), gives a touch of freshness to the rooms and absorbs the noises of the room (fights noise pollution), keeping for many years without any need water, earth or other nutrients. All the stabilized green is 100% natural and remains so beautiful over the years because it is treated with a substance based on natural glycerin and water which replaces the sap of plants. All stabilized products are perfectly preserved over time and do not require particular attention, since they do not need to be watered. ZERO maintenance! Our collections with stabilized Musks and Lichens must be placed inside your rooms, away from strong sources of direct light (halogen lamps, headlights etc …) which cause an acceleration in aging. Italian design and research, combined with the naturalness of Musk and stabilized Lichen, create a unique and innovative product. Stabilized green is an innovative and still not widely used type of furniture, it allows you to create exclusive and customizable designs. It softens the space and creates a natural environment as well as reducing environmental noise. Visit our website for more information and create your stabilized plant wall with us!

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Scegli Cornice

Balck, White

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