Sharing space – luxury spa

Randomdesign deals with interior design, architecture and decoration for hospitality, wellness and luxury houses, recently obtaining recognition as the best Italian Interior Designer of the year 2018.

The company defined a new style and diversified the offer by working on hotels and wellness centers, hospitality, villas and apartments and on the leading sector of luxury real estate, home staging and property styling.

A beautiful liberty villa from the ’50s – Hotel De La Villa Riccione in Italy is one of their recent projects in collaboration with Moss Trend.

The style of the hotel is classic and elegant. The main challenge for us was to make a renovation that somehow bounds all the environments together.” – says architect and interior designer of Randomdesign, Ilaria Catozzi

The main aim of the project was to maintain a clear distinction between the rooms in the modern part of the building and the wonderful suites of the old villa.

Unlike other areas of the hotel, at the spa there is hardly no presence of windows and a natural light. Our intention was to create an environment with a comfortable atmosphere, with the presence of water and greenery. Hence the idea of using a Moss Trend’s wall full of plants near the pool seemed to be perfect. Jungle Moss is now a focal point that gives a sense of airiness to the spa.” – explains Ilaria.

Interior designers previously read up on products of that kind but the final effects always seemed to be too artificial for them. When they made contact with Moss Trend they understood what a great aesthetic potential the preserved green walls have.

We wanted almost “tropical” and three-dimensional effect, a real forest. Jungle Moss, as the word itself says, recreates that wild effect we were aiming for.” – claim interior designers.